Q: What are essential oils?

A: Essentials oils are natural aromatic compounds. They are extracted by steam distillation or cold press from plants.

Q: What does GC/MS testing mean?

A: GC/MS testing and Organic Certification is provided by our USA based suppliers for each oil individually and regulated by the USDA.

Q: What is therapeutic grade?

A: Therapeutic grade oils indicate that the sourcing of plants occurred in their native region. Rigorous 3rd party testing, once distilled in the USA, assures the presence of desired therapeutic qualities and the absence of impurities such as pesticides as well as Non-GMO.

Q: Can I make my own blend for my pet?

A: It is not recommended and can be harmful to your pet. Essential oils in their pure form are too strong for your fur friends. Thus, we have formulated blends specifically blended for each type of pet using precise dilution formulas and pure oils. 

Q: Are your products "lick safe"?

A: Yes our products are all "lick safe" but should not be given internally in large dosages. Pets should not be given Essential Oils internally at all, with the exception of Hemp Oil.

Q: Are your products Certified Organic?

A: Yes. All our oils are distilled in the USA and certified organic by the USDA.